*Mydesi.net track my activities ?

ans: we just track your search activities for improve our site.We cant see what you watch or whatever.

*Mydesi.net use safe ?

ans: 100% safe.our site virus and malware free,

*My internet isp can see my activities when visit mydesi.net ?

ans: no,our site secure with ssl so your isp can’t see your activities .Only they can see you visit to mydesi.net.

they can’t track what you watch what you search or etc.

*Can i Upload Videos to mydesi.net ?

ans: no

*Video quality of Mydesi Videos?

ans: 1080p(2700kb),720p(1200kb),480(750kb),360-240p same as old.

*I want to remove my video from mydesi.net?

ans: mail us to   mydesi@protonmail.com

*My isp block mydesi.net?

ans: send us a sort mail with your area and isp name and we send you new url.mail us to mydesi@protonmail.com

*Can i Hotlinking mydesi videos ?

ans:Yes.Our all Files Hotlinking free so you can use our video link on your site.We never block any site for Hotlinking.

You can Direct use mp4 url to your player Better you use our m3u8 link its so faster then mp4 URL. For any help play mail us.